Your Bmw X5 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle firmly attached to the control arm, making sure the wheels can spin with less trouble as you drive your vehicle. Your vehicle's ball joint allows you to experience superb ride quality even over humps and jolts, but when exposed to damage-causing elements, it'll tear apart over time. With a busted ball joint, you'll have to suffer from sloppy steering and terrible suspension.

If you get to hear that clunk that can later on become a thud, you have to see if there's a loose ball joint before the front wheels suddenly wobble. Once your wheels seem to wander and you see abnormal wear patterns somewhere in your tires such as scuffs, you must look at this suspension part and change this instantly if necessary. Having a ruined ball joint isn't safe by any means-you may lose full rein over your vehicle, particularly when making sharp turns or driving over humps. Use a brand-new ball joint that is custom-designed for the specifications of your motor vehicle and durably constructed to last for a long while.

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