Your Bmw M6 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle securely linked to the A-arm, so the wheels can spin with less trouble as you maneuver your vehicle. Subjected to road salt and several other damage-causing elements, ball joints may break and mess up steering and suspension, as you lose full control over your car, especially if driving over holes and bumps. Because of a busted ball joint, you will have to deal with rough steering and terrible suspension.

Clunking noises may be attributed to a loose ball joint. If your wheels obviously move loosely and you see abnormal wear patterns around your tires just like cupping, you should check this suspension part and replace this part straight away if necessary. Driving with a worn-out ball joint on your car's suspension is not a fantastic plan-when you corner or encounter bumps on the rd., the wheels may wobble and make it hard to steer your car. Seek a first-class OE replacement that not only matches your car to the tee but is also made to withstand even the harshest driving environment.

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