If you have just purchased your BMW vehicle, for sure you're still in the process of familiarizing its amenities and parts. Knowing the function of that part, knowing the location of a particular auto part and things like that. But part of owning a vehicle is also identifying when its parts should be replaced. Say for example knowing when your BMW chassis parts need replacements. Yes, chassis parts have relatively long life. These parts are designed to go beyond 150, 000 miles. But sooner or later, whether you like it or not, they will wear out. Ball joints which serve as the pivot points between the tires and suspension is just one part of the chassis that fail prematurely even if they are designed to be durable. So, what are the reasons of their wear and tear? Contamination is one of the factors that cause the deterioration of ball joints. If the protective rubber boot sealing the ball joint is tattered, leaks or cracks, road spatter and dirt can enter the joint. Extreme driving conditions can also pound ball joints to death. Though ball joints are designed to handle normal driving conditions, they have also their limits. If these limits are exceeded, ball joints suffer. If a malfunctioning ball joint is ignored, it may break in the long run or pull apart causing the suspension to cave in. Do you want this thing to happen? If you don't want to experience this, as early as now, have a regular checkup on your BMW ball joint. Always make sure that it is free from harm. When you have detected some leaks and cracks, look for replacements right away. You can find your BMW ball joints here at Parts Train, the most trusted auto parts dealer. Simply look through our online catalog and you'll surely find what you need.