Your Audi Q5 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle strongly linked to the A-frame, making sure the wheels can move with less trouble as you steer your automobile. Exposed to road debris and other harsh elements, ball joints may fail and ruin suspension and steering, as you lose full control over your automobile, especially whenever you drive over humps. Due to a bad ball joint, you'll have to suffer from rough steering and poor suspension.

Once you notice that click that can later on become a bang, you've got to check for a failing ball joint right before the front wheels start to shimmy. In case you see a failing ball joint, repair it immediately right before the wheels turn loose and the tires wear out prematurely with scuffs and other unconventional patterns all over them. Holding on to a busted ball joint isn't safe at all-you might lose full rein over your motor vehicle, specially when turning or driving over bumps. Seek a top-quality OE replacement that not only suits your car perfectly but is also engineered to survive even the most unforgiving road conditions.

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