Connecting the control arm to a steering linkage, your Audi A5 ball joint acts as a pivot placed between the suspension and wheels. Your vehicle's ball joint lets you benefit from great handling even over humps and jerks, but due to damage-causing elements, this will tear apart eventually. You may experience sloppy steering and awful suspension in case any of the ball joints goes bad.

Once you get to hear that clicking sound that can eventually turn into a thump, you have to see if there's a loose ball joint right before the front wheels begin to shimmy. If your wheels seem to move loosely and you see abnormal wear patterns somewhere in your tires like scalloping, you ought to look at this suspension part and upgrade this instantly if needed. Driving with a busted ball joint on your automobile's suspension is not really a great plan-when you turn or encounter potholes on the street, the wheels may wobble and make it difficult to steer your vehicle. Search for a high-grade OE replacement that not only matches your vehicle snugly but is also built to endure even the harshest road conditions.

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