There are so many systems that comprise your Acura vehicle and one of these is the steering and suspension system. Actually, the steering and suspension system consists of two different systems, just referred to together since they are directly related to each other. These systems are important because they enhance safety and comfort level of your vehicle. However, these systems won't be able to perform their functions effectively if one or more of its subcomponents are not in good working condition. That is why it is really a must to ensure the efficiency of its subcomponents which very much include the Acura ball joint.

The Acura ball joint serves mainly as the pivot point between the suspension and tires. This is often consists of a bearing stud, hardened-steel, and socket which is enclosed in a steel housing. This is located on the vehicle's front end so it can support weight. In some vehicles, there are two ball joints per wheel: the upper ball joint and the lower ball joint. But in others, there is only one which is a lower ball joint and paired with an upper strut bearing instead of an upper ball joint.

Regular check and maintenance should be done to this part, together with the rest of the steering and suspension system subcomponents. Along with a complete wheel alignment, this should be inspected at least once a year and should be lubricated at every oil change. If you fail to do this, chances are your ball joints will wear out without you noticing it. Symptoms like uneven tire wear, erratic steering, and wandering will become apparent, thus you have to take immediate action in repairing this to prevent further steering and suspension system problems. But if the damage is beyond repair, it is always best to get replacement.

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