Car Backup Lights

As soon as you put your vehicle's transmission in reverse gear, the backup light should turn on. Also called reverse light, this component needs to illuminate the area behind your ride to make it safer and easier for you to back up and to inform other drivers and pedestrians that your ride is in reverse. If this light fails to turn on, there might something wrong with the switch, the wirings, or perhaps, the bulb itself.

It is the fuse panel that provides the power needed to illuminate backup lights. Once the automobile's transmission is shifted to reverse, the switch closes and allows the power from the fuse panel to flow to these lights. Generally, automatic transmission vehicles come with a combination switch that fuses two switches in one housing. Such switch works this way: when in neutral or park, the current supplied by the ignition switch is used in the starting system via the neutral start switch. If the vehicle is in reverse, it is the reverse light switch that will be put to work. It will provide the reverse lights with power coming from the fuse panel.

Since they are very important in your driving safety, it is but right that you keep your car backup lights in excellent working condition. If you notice that there's something wrong with these lights, troubleshoot the problem right away. Fortunately, finding out what's wrong with these lights is such an easy job. If your ride makes use of one fuse to power and protect both reverse lights and turn signals, it is wise to check the condition of the fuse. If the reverse lights aren't working but the turn signals are okay, then there's no problem with the fuse.

If what you want is to upgrade your backup lights to LED, you are free to do so. But find out first if the reverse light is a stand alone unit or if it's a part of the tail light assembly. If it is a stand-alone assembly, then all you need is to get a LED replacement and have your existing light replaced. But if it is the other way around, you need to replace the entire tail light assembly with LED assembly. But before you pay for a replacement unit, make sure that it fits your vehicle's requirements not just in terms of fit but also in looks.

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