If you are constantly experiencing the bothersome grinding noise as you change your gears, then you may have to change your Subaru axle assembly. Such problem is common to vehicles used for off road driving. The rugged and curvy terrains can make your axle assembly easily susceptible to wear and tear. The assembly can also go through stress and pressures brought about by the bumps, potholes and other road irregularities. The dirt, mud and road debris that could get stuck on the components of the assembly especially on the CV joints can readily affect its performance. Proper car and maintenance can surely help a lot to ensure the efficiency and functionality of your Subaru axle assembly. Regular check up must be done to see if any of the components needs repair or replacement. Cleaning is also a must to remove the dirt and other elements that can interfere with the tasks that each component must perform. The rubber gasket or the boot which serves as the shield of the CV-joint must be regularly cleaned. Dirt particles that can enter the assembly can cause serious effects on the joints. A simple repair may not even be enough to solve the damage. Neither is flushing. It can even make matters worse. That’s how grave a simple contaminant can be. In case repair or flushing cannot produce the desired results or solution, then better look for a new replacement. You have lots of sources around not only in your local auto store but in the net as well. Partstrain is one of the online sources that you can trust not only if you want top quality and performance but affordability as well. Just make sure that the new replacements you choose is truly a match to the specs and features of your factory component. Better check out your car’s manual before rushing to your nearest auto store may it be on the net or in your local auto market. You can purchase the axle assembly parts individually or you can also replace the entire system for much better results although it may be too costly for your pocket. Either way, Partstrain is just around to be of service.