How do the wheels of your Oldsmobile able to run? Of course, it's because of the power generated by the engine. But, how dies this power get to the wheels? What are the components that transfer the energy from the engine to the wheels? The missing link is the Oldsmobile drivetrain. This particular auto aspect is comprised of the axles, driveshaft, transmission, clutch or torque converter, differential or transaxle, and of course the tires and wheels.

With the Oldsmobile axle assembly in particular, there are still several components that play indispensable roles. There's the constant-velocity shaft and joints wrapped by a rubber constant-velocity boot. They work together to allow movements of the wheels at a constant speed despite the irregularities of suspension travel and differing points of the wheels. The assembly is also tasked to transfer the rotational force coming from the transmission system to the wheels. Significantly, the axle assembly is installed to the front wheels for front-wheel drive models, at the rear wheels for rear-wheel drive units, and at every wheel on all-wheel drive type of vehicles.

Since vehicles such as Oldsmobile's don't suffer from the tough terrains of off-road, its axle assemblies normally last longer in service than with those that occasionally bear with the rugged surfaces. However, running on paved or asphalted roads is not a assurance that no harm is threatening its performance. The solid foreign components such as road debris can cause the assembly to become defective. Once, such solid thing hits the CV boots, dirt will enter and lubricant would start leaking. Dirt contamination will mess with the work of the joints, making it stiff which is worsened by losing grease. Aside from road components and undesirable road condition, your Oldsmobile axle assembly is as well threatened by the weight of the vehicle itself.

The worse thing that could happen due to damaged Oldsmobile axle assemble is losing control of the vehicle. As we all know, such situation is the second deadliest road trouble, sitting just next to braking failure. Yet, keeping the utmost condition of an axle assembly requires very minimal task, besides regular greasing. You only need to make sure that the CV boots don't have any cracks or splits. Checking the assembly through listening for clacks and clunks while driving in slow circles is also necessary.

Any abnormality with the handling or when damage in the assembly is detected, don't hesitate to secure for a replacement. The severity of damage in CV joints normally tells, whether the joints are only the ones that need replacement or the entire axle assembly. And for your Oldsmobile axle assembly needs, PartsTrain can always be trusted.