If the axle assembly of your Mitsubishi vehicle starts to have problems, it usually gives off warning in the form of unusual noises. But these noises are usually confused with the sound made by other vehicle parts. Grinding noises when changing gears is the most common symptom of a damaged axle assembly. Such damage is very typical to the driving machines that travel off-road or driven regularly in uneven terrains such as pick up trucks and SUVs. Off-roading normally gives too much stress to a vehicle's axle assembly. The road bumps that you'll encounter as well as the turns and potholes and too much gear shifting can really bring defect to the drivetrain and its components.

The axle assembly is made up of an axle shaft and constant velocity joint and boot and perhaps, a u-joint. Its job is to pass on the rotational force coming from the vehicle's transmission to the wheels. They are mainly used in front wheel drive vehicles but they are also installed on four-wheel-drive trucks and cars as well as in modern German rear wheel drive automobiles. A well-engineered axle assembly can seamlessly transfer the torque from the transmission to the wheels. To achieve such, all its moving components are greased carefully and covered from abrasive elements.

The axle shafts usually contain a CV joint at either ends of the axle but in some applications, the axle will feature a joint in one end and will have a U-joint at the other end. The CV boot, a rubber gasket covering the CV joint should be durable enough so that it can excellently keep harsh elements off the CV joints. There are some things that you can do be sure that your Mitsubishi axle assembly is working properly. You should always monitor your CV boot for leaks because if contamination happens, it can cause severe CV-joint damage. In such case, you don't have a choice but to replace the boot and the CV joint of your vehicle. In most cases, it is really better to replace the entire axle assembly than to change individual axle parts.

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