Safety is always more important than smoothing out a bumpy ride in any vehicle. This is why every part of your car must be properly maintained. Mercedes Benz car owners know this that is why they see to it that before they drive out all their car parts are functioning properly.

All vehicles, including your Mercedes Benz, have some type of axle assembly integrated in their driveline. This axle assembly is needed for the smooth functioning of your engine power. In conventional front engine and rear wheel drive cars the flow of power moves from the engine to the axle assembly. In general, the axle assembly is made up of a constant velocity (CV) joint, an axle shaft and perhaps a U-joint. It is one of the important parts that make up the drive train of your car. It is the one responsible for the movement of your car in which ever direction you want.

The different types of axle assembly vary in their purpose. For instance, the straight axle assembly serves as a connection point for the wheels. It also helps support the weight of your Mercedes Benz. On the other hand, the drive axle assembly provides the torque transfer capabilities of a differential in addition to providing weigh support and attachment point. The transaxle, which is another type of axle assembly, also does the same function as the drive axle with the addition of the gear changing capacity.

Axle assembly problems usually give warnings in the form of irregular noises. These noises are normally produced from worn out bearing or gears. Gear noises are usually heard in a narrow speed range while bearing noises vary in pitch based on engine speeds. A howling sound and clunking when accelerating or when shifting between reverse and drive could also signify a worn out axle assembly. Because of the significance of handling and control in terms of safety, you should never put off repairs of your Mercedes Benz axle assembly. Once you hear any noise determine if it is caused by a worn out axle assembly.

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