A lot of car enthusiasts are hooked on classic cars. These cars are associated with quality, durability and efficiency as they have stood the test of time and have still emerged successful despite pressured demands in the market. Lincoln vehicles are one of the makes that combine classic with modern innovations. That is why this car has been a hit for classic car lovers. Not only are they enjoying the beauty and reliability of classic vehicles but also the style and performance of modern automobiles. There is certainly more beneath the captivating beauty of Lincoln that can turn anyone's head.

One of the important parts of a Lincoln vehicle is the axle assembly. The axle assembly is typically compopsed of a constant velocity (CV) joint, an axle shaft and a U-joint. The front axle assembly is very complex and is mounted to the transmission. It is the shaft that connects the wheel hub and the transmission. On the other hand, the rear axle assembly connects the rear wheel together. This is true on rear wheel vehicle only. Additionally, the rear axle supports the weight of the vehicle and is a mounting base for shock absorbers and springs. There is a large bulge in the center of the rear axle which is the differential or gear housing.

Carefully greased and packed CV and U-joints keep a great deal of harsh dirt and grime from penetrating the joints and causing terrible wear. The gasket that holds abrasive contaminants at bay is known as a boot. When the boots are cracked or damaged, the grease that normally lubricates the joints becomes a sponge for sucking up dirt from the road. The dirt acts like sandpaper on the joints of the Lincoln axle assembly, and will eventually cause the characteristic grinding noise that gets worse as the wheel is turned.

A damaged Lincoln axle assembly can make grinding noises, clunks during acceleration or abrupt deceleration and front-end vibrations that can be uncomfortable for you and your car. Likewise, a broken or bent axle can ruin your day. You can't obviously avoid any car problem but you can at least prevent one if you regularly check your car parts and you do not abuse the use of your vehicle. Take note that it is often a terrible pain to change a cracked axle assembly. Even brief exposure to road contaminants can damage the axle. And even if there is no noise yet when turning your vehicle, you can be sure that the life of your Lincoln axle assembly has been significantly reduced.

Many people find out they've got a cracked or torn boot when performing routine maintenance such as oil changes. The axle assembly must be replaced immediately when damaged. Unless you are an expert with all the required special tools, it is better to leave the dirty job to experienced mechanics. Get the Lincoln axle assembly you need here at Parts Train. Check out our catalog and find the axle assembly that fits your Lincoln.