Knowing each component of our own vehicle is important. One such component is the axle assembly which is a combination of an axle shaft, one or two constant velocity (CV) joints and maybe a U-joint and responsible for channeling rotational force coming from the transmission to the wheels of the vehicle. It is usually found in front and 4-wheel drive vehicles, trucks and European imports that have a high-end-rear wheel drive.

There are different types of axle with the transaxle as the most popular one. It is responsible for connecting the differential and a manual or automatic transmission. The least popular is the non-driving known axle which does the job of connecting the wheels together but it does not have a differential. And the other is the drive axle which is also known as the live axle and contains the differential.

A vehicle axle is a load- bearing assembly that links two wheels on opposite sides together. The Infiniti I35 Axle Assembly is a structural component responsible for keeping the position of the wheels in line relative to each other and to the body of the vehicle. It carries the acceleration forces between the vehicle and the ground. The different types of axles also have different functions based on their composition and complexities. And since they are the only parts that touch the ground, they are also responsible for carrying or bearing the weight of the car as well as the cargo. A simple straight axle serves as attachment points while carrying the weight of the vehicle. The driver axle while doing that task also gives the differential's torque transfer abilities. On the other hand, the transaxle does all that together with the transmission's gear changing capabilities.

If you hear any grinding noises when you are driving, better check your axle assembly because it might be damaged or defective. Instead of replacing portions of your axle assembly it would be better to get a whole new axle assembly. If you are looking for accurate and superior quality Infiniti I35 Axle Assembly, you can check on Parts Train. Because the axle assemblies we have are very much affordable, better get a whole new set where you can be sure that every single component is new. Yes, it is more expensive than getting individual parts replaced but then in the long run you might have to replace another individual part. And whenever you place your order with us, you can be assured that you will get all the technical assistance from our customer service team.