Fun in driving is perfectly experienced if you go off-road treks. The bumpy road, an undetermined curves, and the up and down trails will all bring excitement as you drive you Infiniti car. The fun seems addictive that you frequently go off-road driving so confident that your Infiniti will not somehow fail you in the middle of your run. Though Infiniti vehicles are designed to run over any road conditions, excessive usage may cause premature breakdown of its axle assembly.

The shaft on which the Infiniti's wheels revolve is called the axle. The axle that is used to drive the rear wheels but does not support them is called the full-floating axle while the axle that is used to drive the wheels and at the same time support them is called the semi-floating or one-quarter floating axle. Other forms of axles are the live axle which holds and transmits power to the wheels and the dead or beam axle which merely holds the wheels. What makes up an axle assembly is the combination of an axle shaft, and one or two constant velocity joints or U-joint.

The Infiniti axle assembly is designed to carry the weight of the vehicle and its load, put a link between the two wheels on opposite sides and pass on rotational force from the transmission to the wheels of the vehicle. The axle assembly also serves as the mounting base for the springs and shock absorbers. The front axle assembly which is mounted to the transmission is connected to the wheel hub while the rear axle assembly is connected to the rear wheel and supports the weight of the vehicle. Such positioning of the axle assembly makes it possible to properly balance the body of the vehicle.

The axle assembly related problems are common to SUVs, vans, pick up trucks and other types of vehicles that frequently go off-road or pass through rugged terrain most of the times. The axle assembly does a tough job of not only bearing the weight of the vehicle but enduring the bumps and abrasions as your Infiniti pass through uneven terrain. The place where the axle assembly is mounted makes it prone to damages and contaminations. The common signs that will tell you to take a look at your Infiniti axle assembly include excessive vibrations and grinding noise.

If it turned out that you've already got a defective axle assembly, replace it at the soonest time possible. Replacing the entire Infiniti axle assembly is far better than replacing it by its damaged parts. In such a way, you are assured of a fully functional Infiniti axle assembly. Get a brand new Infiniti axle assembly from Parts Train and rest assured that you've got a high-quality and durable Infiniti axle assembly.