GMC vehicles that usually go off-road or frequently pass through rugged terrain are most likely to encounter axle assembly related problems. The constant usage of your GMC vehicle under a not-so-good driving conditions will eventually generate grinding noise which is a common manifestation of a defective GMC axle assembly.

To understand what an axle assembly is, better know first what an axle is. Axle can be a full-floating axle, a semi-floating or one-quarter floating axle, a three-floating axle, a live axle and a dead or beam axle. But in simplest form, an axle is a shaft on which the wheels revolve. Now, what makes a GMC axle assembly is the combination of an axle shaft, one or two constant velocity joints or U-joint. The GMC axle assembly is the load-bearing assembly that links two wheels on opposite sides.

The front axle assembly is mounted to the transmission to make it connected to the wheel hub. The rear axle assembly connects the rear wheel and supports the weight of the vehicle. It is also the mounting base for the shock absorbers and springs. The GMC axle assembly is responsible for the proper positioning of the wheels relative to the body of the vehicle. Aside from being a load-bearing component, the GMC axle assembly also carries the acceleration forces between the ground and the wheels.

The different types of axle assembly are the transaxle, drive axle and the simple straight axle. A simple straight axle serves as the adjoining point of the wheels while bearing the vehicle's weight while the drive axle also does the same job and it gives the differential's torque transfer abilities. Aside from enabling the transmission's gear-shifting, the transaxle also does the job of a drive axle. Since the GMC axle assembly performs a tough job, it is expected that sooner or later it will start to show some signs of failures. Axle assembly problems are common to heavy-duty type of vehicles likewise, vehicles that most often pass through uneven terrain.

Be watchful for symptoms of a defective GMC axle assembly so as to avoid further damage to other parts. Excessive vibration and grinding noise are the most typical signs that your GMC axle assembly starts to fail. If it is called for to install a new GMC axle assembly, do it immediately. Do not settle for a part by part replacement since a brand new GMC axle assembly is safety matter that should not be put off. Parts Train provides a wide selection of brand new GMC axle assembly where you can choose from. You will get the best deal in purchasing your GMC axle assembly from us.