Off-roads might be challenging to deal with, but you can have confidence in your Dodge Caravan to get by as long as you equip it with a top-of-the-line axle assembly. Fashioned like a form of linkage joining the tranny and the wheels, the Dodge Caravan axle assembly is mainly involved in energy delivery, a critical task that consists of handling too much strain while the vehicle runs.

Though axle assemblies carry out serious functions, all that these parts demand in order to remain in good shape are sufficient oiling and appropriate protection versus being contaminated. Make it a point that you maintain the C.V. boot sets in great form-these are the materials that shield the Dodge Caravan axle assembly, and their failure might negatively affect the shape of the said system. Unwanted squeals, specifically when shifting gears, are indications of problems in the axle assembly, so check the unit right away once you notice such types of disturbances.

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