Some vehicles are designed to travel on even and smooth roads, while others are designed to have the ability of going off road and travel on rough and rugged terrains. One of the features you should consider if you want to know if your vehicle is capable of going off-road is its axle assembly. An axle assembly like the Dodge axle assembly is comprised of the axle shaft, one or two constant velocity (CV) joints, or sometimes a U-joint.

A vehicle's axle is a solid metal tube assembly tasked to take on the weight of the vehicle and links together the two wheels of the vehicle's opposite sides. It is also designed to pass on the rotational force coming from the transmission to the wheels of the vehicle. Rear-wheel drive vehicles have their rear axles contained inside the axle housing having a differential at the center, while front-wheel drive vehicles use the same setup even at the front axles.

Vehicles with tough and sturdy axle assembly can stand the pounding pressure of driving through uneven and pot-holed terrains without worrying too much that the wheels might easily be misaligned, or the axle might easily be cracked or become loose. They can reliably keep the position of the wheels relative to the vehicle's body and to one another. The axles should be durable enough to bear the vehicle's weight and the weight of the passengers and loads if there are any. In addition, axles bear the acceleration forces created by the automobile against the ground.

Nevertheless, like other vehicle components, an axle assembly can also be subjected to damages or wear and tear. So how will know if your vehicle's axle assembly is already having a problem? If you hear some grinding noise coming from your vehicle's underneath, or you feel that the handling performance of your vehicle is quite unstable, then you might want to check on your vehicle's axle assembly. If it is the one having problem, then you can just have it repaired.

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