Off-roads are challenging to handle, but you can trust your Audi Cabriolet to pull through given that you equip it with an excellent axle assembly. Fashioned as a kind of linkage between the transmission and the wheels of your auto, the Audi Cabriolet axle assembly is generally involved in energy transmission, a critical task that consists of managing too much strain as your vehicle operates.

You'll see that the function of axle assemblies is demanding, though they're effective at carrying out such job provided you keep these parts adequately greased and protected against damaging particles such as road dirt. Make it a point that you preserve the CV boots in great shape-these are the components that protect the Audi Cabriolet axle assembly, and their failure can negatively affect the condition of the said unit. Undesirable squeals, particularly when shifting from one gear to another, are symptoms of deterioration on the axle assembly, so inspect the assembly immediately once you become aware of those sorts of disturbances.

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