No matter how careful you are in driving your car it will still suffer from stress and pressure. This is more evident if you regularly drive along rough roads and uneven pavements. The car part that is most affected when you drive on these types of roads is the drive train, particularly the axle assembly. Other car owners are so unmindful of this aspect and they just keep on their manner of driving on bad roads. Incorrect gear shifting is also another factor that adds to the axle assembly's stress. It is important that proper care must be given to the axle assembly otherwise you'll have a costly repair job in your hands. Understanding how the axle assembly works is the key to the appropriate maintenance regime.

The axle assembly is made up different elements that play an important role in the consistent transfer of force from the engine and transmission onto the wheels. This consists of the axle shaft, CV (constant velocity) joint or a U-joint. The CV joint is typically used in front-wheel drives and all-wheel drives. These are positioned at the end if the rear axle shafts. This enables the rotating shaft to pass on power at a flexible angle at constant rotational speed without an increase in friction.

The axle or axle shaft helps maintain the alignment of the wheels in proportion to the car's body. The axle can sometimes be found inside the hole in the wheel or gear which allows these parts to rotate around it. In other vehicles the wheels or gear are fixed onto the axle by means of bearings or bushings. Axles used in vehicles vary in their configuration. The straight axle is a single solid shaft that connects the wheel on the left wide of the vehicles to the wheel on its right side. A split axle design has a separate shaft where the wheels on either side are connected. Another kind of axle is the tandem axle which binds two or more axles close together.

In order to be seamless in their performance, these parts must be well-greased at all times. Keeping the axle assembly clean especially the CV joint is also very important because even the tiniest contaminant can wreak havoc on the whole axle assembly.

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