Have you observed serious signs of damages under your vehicle? One alarming signs is the grinding noise in the transmission system. Grinding noises usually indicate that the axle assembly isn't in good condition. If you often engage in off-road driving, then you will more likely experience such transmission system problems. Axle refers to the load-bearing assembly that connects the two wheels together. Hence, comfort is one of the things lost this auto part is damaged. An axle assembly is basically a combination of an axle shaft and CV joints. This assembly distributes rotational force coming from the transmission to the wheels of your vehicle.

The Acura RSX Axle Assembly is usually found on front Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicles. It is also used on most high-end, rear- wheel drive (RWD) European cars. The transaxle, the most popular type, is designed to encase a differential and a manual automatic transmission. The drive axle is another common type that is sometimes referred to as the live axle. Another type of axle assembly is known as the non-driving axle that is not popularly used because a differential is not included on its assembly. The condition of your Acura RSX Axle Assembly is essential for maintaining the position of the wheels relative to the body of your vehicle. The wheels should be ideally coordinated with each other by turning at a uniform motion. Basically, they contribute a lot in supporting the weight of your vehicle and the cargos. Axles, on the other hand, carry the acceleration forces between the vehicle and the ground.

Axles are designed for different applications. A simple straight axle facilitates connection for the wheels while supporting the vehicle's weight. The drive axle plays the same functions while giving the differential's torque transfer abilities. A transaxle does all the tasks of the drive axle while working along with the transmission.

Your driving comfort is always one of your major concerns so you must keep all the vehicle parts in great condition. When any of the auto components fails to function efficiently, immediate action should be done. In case you need a new Acura RSX axle Assembly for your transmission, make sure that you will go to a well- trusted online source like Parts Train.

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