Rough, uneven roads are the worst scenarios for drivers especially for those who are driving cars that have low build. Driving along roads with this condition can be very harmful to your car. The vehicles that often go through this type of road like the SUV's and off-road vehicles suffer drivetrain damages due to stress from road bumps.

The drivetrain or powertrain is a very important part of a car. This is made up of elements that produce energy and transmits it to the road surface, water or air. One of these elements is the axle assembly that delivers torque generated by the transmission down to the wheels. This is usually used on front drive vehicles, high performance rear-wheel drive vehicles and also to some 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Because it is termed as an assembly, the axle assembly is composed of several parts and these are the axle shaft, the CV or constant velocity joint but sometimes instead of a CV joint, a U-joint is installed instead. Each of these parts has its own function to carry out. The axles are very important because it upholds the position of the wheels in relation to the car's body. It also supports not only the weight of the vehicle but also of the cargo carried. As another essential part, the CV joint acts as a power transmitter at a constant rotational speed without a noticeable increase in friction. This joint is very delicate that's why it has a protective covering called the CV boot that keeps dirt and dust away. All of these parts are delicate and need proper maintenance particularly the CV joint. Furthermore, in order to function smoothly they have to be well-greased and protected from harmful and corrosive elements.

In the event that you experience a jarring and grinding sensation during your drive, it is most likely that you have a damaged axle assembly. Flushing can be done to remove the contaminants in the assembly. However, this may not be so effective at times and the best thing to do would be to replace the whole axle assembly.

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