Car Axle Assembly

Our feet are quite similar to a vehicle's set of wheels. It helps us move forward, either to run fast or to walk slowly. Car wheels can also accelerate and decelerate depending on the driver's need, and this set of tires also supports the weight of the entire car, much like how your two feet supports your body's weight. But within your feet are networks of muscles and nerves that are responsible for its locomotion. Mounted along the wheels too is the axle assembly, the 'muscle' that is in charge of propelling your wheels forward.

An axle, hub, and a set of bearings and seals make up this assembly. It is usually the shaft that makes the wheels revolve. Imagine the cylindrical metal in the middle of a barbell and you'll have a brief idea of what this shaft looks like. It functions mainly as a connector between two wheels and may be present in both the rear and front axle assembly. Carrying the weight of an entire vehicle is definitely not a joke, so this assembly probably has one of the toughest jobs compared to other components of your vehicle. Aside from the abovementioned assembly parts, the shock absorbers and spring can also be found within this shaft and help in the total performance of the wheels.

Just like our feet, the assembly gets tired too. If you're experiencing some grinding noise coming from your undercarriage, pull over immediately and inspect your wheel set. There's a huge chance the rear axle assembly has already gone down the drain and may need a replacement as soon as possible. When shifting gears, listen carefully for any noise because it will be a huge indicator that the entire assembly needs to be taken out and replaced. Usually, vehicle noises are calling our attention so any damage can be taken cared of immediately. So when driving, use also your ears, not only your eyes.

Rough terrains and off-road travels can also be detrimental to the rear and front axle assembly. The uneven surfaces can stress the components of your vehicle, especially the parts found underneath since they absorb most of the impact from road bumps and potholes. A damaged axle shaft may also harm the constant velocity joint. As a result, shifting your gears will be difficult and this can pose a threat to your safety, especially if you're out on a long off-road trip.

Don't let debris get inside the seals of the axle assembly if you don't want the components to deteriorate before it reaches the end of its service life. Contaminants are one of the major factors that can destroy an assembly, and if yours suffered this fate, then shop for a replacement here at Parts Train. We offer high quality OEM replacements that can fit your wallet's budget. Explore our online catalog today.