Almost all automotive parts inside your Mercedes Benz S500 vehicle uses a corresponding filter that will help secure the best efficiency constantly. Your automobile won't function properly without a good Mercedes Benz S500 automatic transmission filter. Your driving speed will definitely increase once you regularly preserve the superior shape of the AT fluid and filter.

Foreign particles, contaminants, and also grime on the AT fluid can bring about low speed capacity and driving performance. The drive wheels need cooled and oiled gears; a pollutant-free fluid is essential to this operation. If this fluid is excessively filthy and contaminated, the lubricant qualities are significantly lowered and may even introduce rapid damage to the metal components. To maintain its performance, automatic transmission filters for Mercedes Benz S500 should be changed as soon as it hits 30,000 miles of usage. A plugged automatic transmission filter will lead to poor transmission performance and unresponsive shifts.

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