Filters are crucial for a Kia Sorento car to produce a satisfactory results. Your car won't function properly without a high quality Kia Sorento automatic transmission filter. Your driving speed will definitely rise when you consistently preserve the superior state of the AT fluid and filter.

When the AT fluid is severely contaminated with foreign debris and dirt, shifting gears as well as escalating your car speed would most likely become a challenge for you. To help oil and cool the gears, make certain the fluid is unpolluted and dirt-free. When this type of fluid becomes excessively filthy and polluted, the lubricant qualities are significantly lowered and may even introduce rapid deterioration to the metal parts. To preserve its effectiveness, automatic transmission filters for Kia Sorento need to be changed after it arrives at 30,000 miles of usage. A clogged automatic transmission filter will give you bad transmission performance as well as unresponsive shifts.

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