Car Automatic Transmission Filters

Have you ever gotten stuck and stranded while you're out driving because your automatic transmission isn't working? You may have cursed or kicked your vehicle that time, but you have to keep in mind that for a car's transmission to work properly, it needs the help of several components. The transmission system, like all other systems installed in your vehicle, is a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical devices. All components, like the bell housing, gears, fluid, and filter, must work in perfect unity and any deviation in the standard operations will result to several transmission troubles. One of the best ways in maintaining the performance of this system is by making sure the automatic transmission filter isn't clogged or blocked.

This filter is, without a doubt, the most vital partner of the transmission fluid. By keeping the transmission oil perfectly clean and free from gunk, this device protects the whole transmission system from premature deterioration. As a result, all the components of the system are properly lubricated with clean oil and the effects of wear and tear are minimized. As the transmission oil travels through different parts, it eventually accumulates dirt. Aside from that, the oil can also pick up metal chips and other contaminants which are lodged in between the components. So heavy-duty automatic transmission filters are extremely necessary and must be installed in every transmission system to contain all these impurities.

With a reliable filter, all kinds of contaminants are kept from messing up the transmission components. These contaminants are usually in the form of metal chips, gunk, and flakes that come from gears and bushings. They can also come from the fibrous materials that originate from clutch facings. When you start noticing that your stock transmission filter has already accumulated more than enough dirt and sludge, it's time for you to replace it.

So the transmission fluid can continuously cool and lubricate the internal components, the AT filter must be regularly replaced every 30,000 miles or approximately every two years. Keep in mind whenever you're replacing the filter, the transmission fluid must also be changed. Otherwise, the new filter will accumulate dirt instantly. Make sure you remove the old gasket as well so the whole filter system will be secured and no contaminants will seep into the new filter.

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