Nowadays, every vehicle like Scion is equipped with stereo or radio system. Due to radio is one of the modes of communications. The radio in your Scion vehicle can be an important source of information like for current news, weather updates, and recent situation on traffic. Receiving these broadcasts, however, will be not possible without the aid of Scion antenna. Scion antenna is the only device which has the capability to capture the radio waves from the air, because every radio station is sending out radio waves in the air with the use of a large broadcasting tower in order for every vehicle antenna like Scion antenna to receive.

These radio waves contain an electromagnetic energy which is directly attractive to metal. That is why every Scion antenna is made from a long piece of metal to easily grab these radio waves. After receiving these radio waves from the air by your Scion antenna, it will now transmit to your radio system through wires, which connect the two. Your radio system now is the responsible for amplifying the signal and transforming them back into their original form which is speech and music.

Whenever you have problem in tuning to your radio station, which you only get nothing but static, surely your Scion antenna or its wires are likely to be the source of the problem. Your radio cannot receive the signals it needs without the help it gets from your Scion antenna. Because your Scion antenna is more likely exposed to elements, wind, rain and snow, which is why it is more vulnerable to damage. Corrosion can also add to the weakening of your Scion antenna which can loosen and fall it off from your vehicle.

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