Are you wondering why you aren't getting the radio reception you're used to from your vehicle?  Maybe it's time to replace your Saab antenna.  Local news, weather, and traffic reports are broadcasted daily to keep you well informed while you drive.  If you have a bent, broken, or missing antenna your radio is pretty much useless.  How will you know what streets to avoid when there's a pileup, traffic jam, or flash flood if you can't get decent reception?  Smart drivers frequently tune to their favorite local stations and are able to anticipate problems on the roadways.  There's no way to know that you should start planning an alternate way to or from work if your antenna isn't picking up the necessary signals it needs to transmit your radio station to you.  An antenna is arguably the least expensive component to replace on your vehicle.  It costs so little to replace an antenna, but can mean so much to a driver in need of updated, local information.