Driving won't be much of a hassle in your case if you're tuned in to your most loved radio show, whistling while it play most of the Beatles tracks you learn by heart, but if the reception is bad, chances are the trouble lies in your Porsche 944 antenna. Because it's freely subjected to strong road conditions, the antenna of your Porsche 944 is probably destroyed. The only means you are able to take care of this antenna trouble is by simply replacing your damaged component.

To save lots of your time and effort from seeking out components necessary for installation and rather focus on installation itself, it's wise that you pick an antenna for your Porsche 944 that offers most of the components you will need. You may also lessen your set up time in half if you choose to use a universal antenna for your Porsche 944 since it requires much less modifications. Don't forget to be sure of its quality before buying one; look for a Porsche 944 antenna that's made from the finest materials, which will really offer greater service life.

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