Nissan is one of the well-known brand names of vehicles, particularly in Asia. Most of its vehicle models have its redesign and innovations. Much of them are already consisting of today's gadgets and high-tech fixtures. Fortunately, its radio system that remained more or less the same, and when you need a little leisure while driving to work, the Nissan Antenna makes it possible. Nissan Antenna is responsible for capturing the radio waves out of the air.

Because every time that a radio station start to broadcast, it sends out a radio wave rich in electromagnetic energy, that your Nissan antenna is specifically designed to receive them. Due to your Nissan Antenna is made out of metal, for the same reason that metal conducts electricity. The electrons are simply transferred molecule to molecule. As the high energy radio wave hits your Nissan Antenna, it stimulates the electrons within the part, sending the signal to the radio. And your radio now is responsible for adding power to the signal, and transforming it back into its original form which something that we can understand. Most of Nissan Antenna is made from a very specially designed metal that can receive more radio waves, even in a very long or wide distance of the radio station you are tuning in. With its reliable and dependable material, your Nissan Antenna can truly last for life. However, there are some instances or factors that you're Nissan Antenna would break or bent and lost its ability to receive the radio waves, which will cause for your radio to produce annoying sound such as static. When this happen, your Nissan Antenna is need to be replaced with a new one.

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