Mini is known for their small car produced. Mini is under by the supervision of British Motor Corporation or BMC, which was the largest British car company of its day. All Mini vehicle models are quite interesting due to its cute and under-sized appearance, which you may come to think how its passenger fit inside and its other component. Mini vehicle models are also equipped with complete and great fixtures from inside and out.

One of the great fixtures of Mini vehicles is there well-designed interior cabin. With a combination of leather seats, polyester floor liners and great entertainment package such as its radio system. Mini radio system is also one of its main featured for every vehicle they make. Every Mini vehicle that is equipped with radio system is also corresponded with a Mini antenna, because Mini radio system wouldn't be good enough if it doesn't have any Mini antenna. Due to the Mini antenna is the main responsible for receiving the radio waves that is coming from all radio station. Every radio station has a large broadcast antenna; this antenna is used to transmit radio waves in the air. And if your vehicle is in range, they will strike your Mini antenna. Mini antenna is designed to receive these radio waves and sends them on the radio system by means of wires that connect both of them. Within the radio, the signal is amplified and transformed back into its original form, which is by speech and music.

Mini antenna is very flexible, which means that it will often last than the life of your vehicle. However, there are still many instances that a certain physical impact will either bend it or break it off on your vehicle, which is bad enough that its capability to receive radio waves and to transmit signals is affected. When this happens, you must replace your Mini antenna with a new one. It is more recommended that you must change your old Mini antenna with a new unit of Mini antenna. Replacing the whole set is much easier than having the old one repaired.

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