Are you always doing your everyday routine like listening to the radio as you're tracking your way to work? Didn't you know that your listening pleasure and variety wouldn't be possible without the help of your vehicle antenna? Yes, the antenna is the main vital part of your vehicle radio system, because it is responsible for receiving the radio waves that are coming from the radio station you are currently tuning in. Your vehicle antenna is your aid to have a better reception on your vehicle radio.

Every radio station is using a large broadcasting antenna. This antenna is responsible for sending out radio waves in all directions, and if your vehicle is in range, they will strike your vehicle antenna. These radio waves have a certain degree of electromagnetic force, which coaxes the electrons within the metal of your antenna, then you antenna will start working, duplicating the signal and promptly sending it to your radio system. Within your radio system, the signal is amplified and transformed back into its original form such as speech and music. However, when your radio reception is so bad that you try to tune in to your favorite station only to find static and interference, your vehicle antenna would be the problem.

If in case you own one of Daewoo vehicle model and you have trouble in listening to its stereo system, check your Daewoo antenna for some damage. Every Daewoo antenna is made to be very flexible which means that it will surely last long than the life of the vehicle. However, there are many instances and cases as well, that a physical impact will either break it or bend somehow, which is bad enough that its capability to receive signals or radio waves will be affected. In case this happens, it is strongly advice that you should replace broken or damage Daewoo antenna with a new one.

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