As your dwelling place away from home, your vehicle should be given enough time for aesthetic enhancements and customization. Perhaps accessorizing your ride is an ideal way of showing off your style and passion for driving. Like a living room, your favorite driving machine needs complete amenities and accessories, such as an entertainment system that completes almost all vehicle interiors. All advanced audio and video systems are great for bringing entertaining you on your trip, making your travel more enjoyable. Your CD, MP3, and DVD players may excellently function all the time; but not the radio. Your Buick Century AM/FM radio is typically equipped with an antenna that is installed outside your vehicle. Once the antenna gets corroded or totally damaged, then you may find it hard to get a good reception from the local radio stations.

Stereos are indeed important when you need to be informed of the current local news by listening to the different stations. It will be so annoying to tune the radio into your favorite station, when all of a sudden, the signal gets choppy. Adjusting the antenna may not remedy the problem particularly if it is already damaged.

A corroded antenna mast is a part of the antenna that's usually eaten up by rust. This is because it is often exposed to moist, which hastens rust formation. If you live near the beach, there is a big possibility that your antenna will easily corrode since the breeze in this kind of place contains highly corrosive elements. Some antennas get damaged not because of corrosion but of collision, vandalism, or simple accident during carwash. Once your Buick Century antenna is already damaged, then it is about time to have it replaced with a new one. Antenna replacement is not that expensive so you should not hesitate to get a replacement right away.

Installation of a new antenna is easy. It can be done by simply pushing the new nylon cable down the antenna hole. After that, you can turn the radio off then listen to the antenna motor. Make sure though that the antenna recoils into the motor. When the motor stops, you put the metal part of the antenna mast into the motor then reinstall the nut on the top of antenna.

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