Driving will not be a great deal of hassle in your case once you're tuned in to your fave radio channel, singing together with every one of the Beatles tracks you know by heart, yet if the reception is not good, it's likely that the issue is your Audi S4 antenna. Since it's freely exposed to harsh road elements, the antenna of your Audi S4 is likely destroyed. If this takes place, then it's the right time that you just install a brand new stock antenna.

To avoid wasting your time and effort from seeking out equipment essential for your DIY job and rather give attention to set up itself, it's wise that you choose an antenna for your Audi S4 that offers all the equipment you will need. You can also reduce your installation time in half if you opt to install a universal antenna into your Audi S4 given that it needs less modifications. With regards to quality, a Audi S4 antenna that's made from high-quality elements will certainly endure longer as opposed to bad, run-of-the-mill ones.

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