Every antenna is designed to pull in the signal of radio stations. There are a variety of indoor and outdoor antennas available. The type of antenna that will produce the best result depends upon many factors including the distance to the broadcasting tower, intervening obstacles like mountains or buildings, and local interference. But if you speak of an Audi Antenna, there is nothing that can hamper the radio waves coming in to your Audi vehicle's receiver.

Audi Antenna is made from a very specially designed metal that can receive more radio waves, even in a very long and wide distance of the radio station you are tuning in. Your Audi Antenna is responsible for capturing the radio waves from the air. All radio station is using a large broadcasting antenna, and this broadcasting antenna sends out radio waves in all directions, and if your Audi vehicle is in range, or even a quite out of range it can still receive the radio waves from the radio station. With its reliable and dependable material, this Audi Antenna can truly last for life. However, there are some factors or instances that you're Audi Antenna would break or lost its ability to receive the radio waves, which will cause for your radio to produce annoying sound. Factors like loose or broken wires, broken or bent Audi antenna, and so on. These all actors can add to your Audi Antenna to have a poor reception to the radio.

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