Modern car makes like those from Volvo are equipped with alternators in place of the old auto generators. Old generators use a wound stater to generate the needed magnetic field in moving the armature or the revolving coil of wire. On the boundary of the armature are electrically insulated single brass segments tied up with the armature shaft which serves as the supplier of current to various auto parts and systems comprising the vehicle. The modern alternator has features and function similar to the generator made easier through the help of other modern components.

The modern alternator also has the same features as that of the generator but the function of each part is made much easier because of new and advance components. Both are made up of moving and stationary coils of wire. The rotor or the moving coils of wire produces the moving magnetic field together from the alternating current flowing on the slip rings. The stationary or non moving coils of wire is consist of three non moving windings needed to come up with three phase alternating current to be supplied to other components of the car. Tough slip rings with diodes found in the full wave bridge rectifier circuit replaced the generator commutator which serves as the converter of the AC power to DC type.

Alternators can handle heavier tasks at greater speed without potential explosions which is usually the weakness of the generator. The armature of the generator rotates at high rpm which can produce centrifugal force that can cause explosions. Lower acceleration can prevent explosion but it could also mean low engine rpm and poor driving performance. The maximum capacity of the alternator can be savored by the vehicle through modifications. Modified alternators have several advantages over ordinary alternators especially in terms of performance. Faster speed and acceleration and smooth responsive handling are just a few of those benefits.

Volvo alternator is vital in the over all performance of your car thus it is a must to keep in optimum functional condition. Regular check up and inspection for components that needs repair and replacement must be done to do the necessary solution. The failure of the alternator to perform its task happens gradually so you will be warned if it is on the point of total failure. The stationary windings are the first components to be affected. A voltmeter can be used to check its condition but make sure that the electrical units of the car are shut off before starting with the maintenance check.