One of the most important systems in every Toyota vehicle is the electrical system. It is the one responsible for producing, storing, and distributing all the electricity that a vehicle requires not only by allowing it to run smoothly but also by offering the driver and his passengers the comfort that they expect. During the early days of the automotive, the electrical system was first limited to the ignition system. But with the advent of the electric starter, this brought a major change in every automobile's structure. And now, a Toyota vehicle's electrical system consists of a storage battery, generator, starting or cranking motor, lighting system, ignition system, and various accessories and controls.

From the components mentioned above, the battery is the backbone of the whole electrical system of your Toyota vehicle. It is the one responsible for converting chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. It also supplies power to the starter and ignition system. And not only that, it also stabilizes voltage in the electrical system. The battery does not work alone; it needs an important component in order to make it work efficiently since it delivers the extra power needed when the electrical load of the Toyota vehicle exceeds the alternator's supply. That important component is the Toyota alternator

The Toyota alternator is a vital car part in the electrical system of every Toyota vehicle because it is the one that generates direct current for recharging the battery and for powering vehicle electrical loads. If you are wondering how the windshield wiper, horn, lights, car stereo, car air conditioning unit, car fan, and defogger work, the function of the alternator will explain that. An alternator consists of rotor, stator, rectifier assembly, set of brushes, and a pulley. Each of these has a purpose, in order to fully generate an alternating current. This way, those devices in your vehicle will be able to operate efficiently and effectively.

It is hard to tell when your Toyota alternator is malfunctioning or if it has a problem. It is because when the alternator dies or malfunctions, your Toyota vehicle will still continue running as it will consume the stored power in the battery. But once all the power in the battery is sapped, that's the time when your car will suddenly stop, as well as all the devices in your car like the lights, car stereo, and windshield wiper. So, always make sure that the Toyota alternator's drive belt tension checked at every oil change. And if you are in need of replacement Toyota alternator, you can get it here at Parts Train, your reliable online car parts store.