Your vehicle uses more power than you may think. Many people think that this power comes from their batteries and would be surprised to find out that it actually comes from their alternators. Old vehicles took between 50 and 60 amps from their alternators to power their batteries, engine fans, ignition coils, and heat blowers. The vehicles of today use almost twice that amount. It's easy to see where all that power goes when you think about all of those luxury accessories that you love so much. If you've got extras in your vehicle such as seat warmers; HID headlights; a high-amp stereo; or a moon roof, then your Suzuki alternator is working overtime just to power those items. Most people turn to more powerful alternators once theirs die. More and more people are choosing to use 100+ amp alternators to maximize its efficiency. There are many different ways an alternator can die. If any of the key components that make up the alternator stops working, you'll need to replace the whole thing.