Alternators of yesteryear didn't have to work very hard to get their jobs done. They had to generate enough power for the horn, heat blower, and lights. Yep, life was pretty good if you were an alternator way back when. The alternators of today don't have it quite as easy as the generations before them. Present day alternators have to power mandatory components such as engine fans, lights, and ignition coils. They also have a myriad of other luxury accessories to tend to. Those luxury accessories may include heated seats, HID headlights, high-amp stereos, and moon roofs. It's not surprising that more and more people are turning to 100+ amp alternators to cover all of their power needs. There are many different reasons why a SAAB alternators dies. The four essential parts of an alternator are the rotor, stator, ignition coils, and diode packs. Any one of these components can die and force you to buy a whole new alternator.