The Plymouth alternator is one of the hardest working parts on your vehicle.  Without the alternator, your battery would not be able to power your car.  The alternator's main function is to recharge the battery.  There are many other areas of your vehicle that would not function without your alternator.  Vehicles these days have tons of accessories that rely on your alternator.  Things like seat warmers, HID headlights, and high-amp stereos require a whole lot of power.  That's why more people than ever before are purchasing 100+ amp alternators.  Many parts of your alternator can go bad at any time.  The alternator belt can break and be replaced for very little money.  However, if the rotor, stator, ignition coils, or diode packs stop working you have to install a whole new alternator.  Unfortunately, the alternator is one of the few parts of your vehicle that can not wait for replacement.  Once it stops working, so does your car.