Once your Oldsmobile alternator goes bad, you aren't going anywhere until you get a new one. A long time ago, your alternator was only responsible for the power flow to the horn, heat blower, and lights. The old alternators needed to generate about 60 amps to do its job and it would still have some juice left over. Today, the alternator is one of the hardest working parts of you vehicle. Not only does it have to charge the battery; it's also got the engine fans, lights, and ignition coils to worry about. Those are the most important functions, not the only functions. What part of your vehicle do you think powers the luxury items such as the seat warmers, HID headlights, and the air conditioner? If you guessed the battery, you were wrong. The alternator powers all of these items and more. If you need to replace your alternator, consider one that's at least 100 amps to power all of those little extras you love so much.