For your automotive engine to run effectively, it requires correct combination of fuel and air and effective spark that can be achieved if your vehicle has sufficient source of power. The amount of electricity the battery is capable of providing is just adequate to allow you to run for a few miles; because you require so much more than that, your vehicle is fitted with a Nissan Cube alternator.

By using a functioning alternator, your battery is recharged continually so there's no need to be worried about not having enough electrical power while powering some of the car's important electrical components. Malfunction of such auto part can bring about different issues that may vary from minor inconveniences to severe complications so if perhaps you suspect that the alternator on your Nissan Cube is now getting defective, diagnose the problem right away to give it the needed fixing or replacement. One particular safety measure though - Nissan Cube sure the engine has totally cooled down before you should service the alternator.

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