There are many likely reasons why your headlights are not working and one is a failing Mercury Cougar Alternator. It'll be really unpleasant and unsafe to drive a car with a faulty alternator since features like the AC and defogger depend on it for current. To save big money, you can swap the haywire Mercury Cougar Alternator without any help rather than shelling out for a pro mechanic. Refer to your ride's instruction manual to learn the specs of the required replacement part for your exact make and model.

It could be difficult to identify a haywire Mercury Cougar Alternator'cause your car could still draw electricity from the battery Never forget to disconnect the battery's negative wire to avoid any harm due to shock. To be sure the new Alternator is running well, use a good voltmeter. Replace your Mercury Cougar existing Alternator right away or else, you must buy a new battery much sooner.

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