Mercedes Benz has always been known for its high-performance vehicles because of its focus on high quality and state-of-the-art engineering. All these years, Mercedes Benz vehicles are often the choice of the rich and famous especially the high end models and the notable sports cars. Although Mercedes Benz line-up has often been expensive, still many car enthusiasts would want to have one for themselves because of its durability and reliability.

Mercedes Benz vehicles are also known for its load of features. These include an air conditioning system to keep you cool inside the vehicle during a long or short travel, a car audi system playing your type of music to entertain you as you drive, and lots of other features. But these won't be in good working condition if the vehicle has no electricity. The electricity enables these to operate and this is provided by the vehicle's electrical and charging system.

The Mercedes Benz alternator is a part of the charging system of your Mercedes Benz vehicle. It is actually a type of generator which produces electricity for many if the vehicle's equipments. Its basic function is to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is a vital component in the charging system because most of your vehicle's electrical mechanisms require a steady supply of power from the Mercedes Benz alternator.

An alternator creates an alternating current rather than direct current. It is mainly a mechanical device which includes a pulley, wheels, brushes and wires. This is hooked to the crankshaft and runs to the battery. Since the alternator is connected to the crankshaft, when the gasoline powers the engine to turn the crankshaft, the alternator converts this motion into current whenever the vehicle is running. And the electricity produced enables the cooling fan, headlights, radio, defogger, windshield wipers, and air conditioning to operate.

Traveling without air condition or cooling fan especially during summer season is really dreadful. And this could very well happen if your Mercedes Benz alternator dies or malfunctions. Although the battery has stored power to keep them running for a while, still these device will just suddenly stop working when all of the battery's power is exhausted. So, when your vehicle's alternator has problems, it is best to check regularly if it needs repair or replacement.

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