In every vehicle is an engine found under the hood that functions as a system. Fed with fuel, it puts the vehicle in motion by providing mechanical energy to most of the systems of the vehicle. The mechanical energy produced is then converted into electrical energy to power most of the components of the vehicle. After the conversion, the electrical system will start to distribute the electricity needed by most of the vehicle's interior and exterior components. Through the vehicle's wiring, this will transport the supply of electricity to these components to ensure comfort, convenience and safety of the vehicle's occupants all throughout the drive.

The electrical system is responsibke for functions of various comfort and convenience features of the vehicle such as the onboard computer, radio system, headlights, windshield wiper, power windows and seats, the ignition system, electronic injection system and others. Two basic components, the battery and the alternator, are the reasons why function of the system is made possible. Until it becomes exhausted, the battery keeps the electrical system functioning. However, in order for this component to continue its role in the system, this should be filled with enough voltage at all times or should be kept recharged. Otherwise, the system won't be able to function and will affect the entire operation of the vehicle.

The charging procedure is done by the alternator which is linked with an alternator belt to the engine. While the electrical system depends on the battery's life, it is the alternator on which the battery is dependent upon. The whole system will simply not work if the alternator stops functioning because this is the component that generates electrical power from the engine and delivers it to the battery. The moment its function declines, the battery will consequently run out of voltage and the lack of supply of power will also cause your Mazda vehicle's operation to decline. If this is the case, there must be something wrong with the alternator's components. You need to check it at once and any detection of the cause of the failure should be immediately treated to avoid complete failure of the system.

If such failure is coming from the alternator belt, this could be easily replaced without the need of extracting the whole alternator assembly. Replacement can be found in the market so there's no need to worry over finding a new one. On the other hand, if it is the other components that caused the failure of the alternator's function like the stator, rotor, diode packs or the voltage regulator, there is no other alternative but to replace the whole assembly. All these parts are available at Parts Train at very affordable prices. Parts Train has a comprehensive array of automotive parts and accessories to cater to every consumer's needs.