In the past, life was pretty easy if you were an alternator. The only areas you had to power were the horn, lights, and heat blower. You wouldn't spend more than 60 amps powering these electrical accessories and you even had some power to spare after the fact. These days, alternators have to work much harder than they used to. Your Lincoln alternator has many other accessories to power. On top of essential areas such as the engine fans; lights; and ignition coils, the alternator must now power your heated seats, air conditioner, moon roof, and high-amp stereo. More and more frequently, people are purchasing 100+ amp alternators just to keep up with all of their luxury equipment. The alternator contains four key parts: the rotor, stator, ignition coils, and diode packs. Only one of these key components needs to malfunction for you to have to replace the entire alternator.