There are two main reasons you can loose power to your engine. The first is the battery, which may only need a set of jumper cables to be fixed. The second reason for lose of power is a bad alternator. When the problem turns out to be your Kia alternator, there may be only one solution: installing a brand new alternator. Your alternator can go bad for many different reasons. Out of the four major parts of the alternator: the rotor; stator; voltage regulator; and diode packs, only one part needs to malfunction for the entire alternator to need replacement. The alternator is a very hard working piece of equipment. It keeps the battery charged and powers the lights, engine fans, ignition coils, air conditioning unit, and stereo. It's no wonder why you may most likely one day find yourself replacing it. A minor problem with your alternator, such as a broken alternator belt, can be fixed with a new belt.