As much as there amenities in our vehicles that did not used to be there, there are also a lot of electrical components working. In case these electrical components malfunction, we often blame the battery for it and that's where we are very much mistaken. In a way it is, but the main source even for the battery is the small generator called the alternator. Primarily designed to charge the battery of your Infiniti I35 it also powers up the different electrical components while doing so.

Basically designed to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy, your Infiniti I35 Alternator is responsible for supplying the electrical energy in the form of an alternating current that is needed by various automotive components such as the headlights, the radio and others electrical components. It is made up of four smaller components such as the rotor, stator, the diode packs and the voltage regulator. The rotating magnet around the stator is the rotor. The stator is a core of iron wrapped with copper wires. These two parts generate the alternating current which will be converted to a direct current by the diode packs. The direct current can now be used to charge the battery as well as power the electrical devices in your vehicle. And the last component is the voltage regulator which is designed to monitor and manage the amount of voltage given off by the alternator. Your Infiniti I35 Alternator can suddenly fail but still the vehicle might run for a few minutes. But if that battery is not recharged after using up the reserve power then your car will eventually stop.

You can regularly check your alternator to see if everything is okay. One of the possible signs of an alternator that is malfunctioning is a blinking headlight. Well, a headlight is not supposed to blink, so if it does you can check the headlight itself or your alternator. If the damage is on the alternator belt then it can be repaired. If the damage is on any of the basic components of the alternator then you do not have any other alternative but to get a replacement right away.

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