If your Infiniti alternator fails, you won't be going any where until it is fixed. The most important job of the alternator is to charge the battery in your vehicle. Without the alternator, the battery in your vehicle could not maintain a charge and the car would only run for a few minutes before dying. Other parts of your vehicle that are powered by the alternator include the lights, engine fans, ignition coils, air conditioning, and stereo. There are many ways your alternator can break. The stator, rotor, voltage regulator, and diode packs are all parts of the alternator. If any one of these parts were to fail, you would need to replace the entire alternator. There's also a chance your alternator belt could break, but that can be replaced without having to install a new alternator. The alternator is a hard working component of your engine. It is very possible that sometime during the life of your vehicle, you will end up having to replace the alternator.