There are various likely reasons why your lights are acting up and one is a failing stock Hyundai Sonata Alternator. It will be terribly frustrating and unsafe to use a car with a faulty alternator as electronic features, say, like, your AC unit and the defogger depend on it for current. Replacing the bad Hyundai Sonata Alternator is simple so long as you have enough DIY experience. It'd be best to use a high-quality replacement unit instead of a run-of-the-mill one for ideal end results.

Thorough inspection of your Hyundai Sonata automobile's electric system is highly advised because other parts could also create the warning signs of a faulty Alternator. Never forget to detach the auto battery's negative cable to really avoid any injury from electric power shock. There are many finely made aftermarket alternators on the market todaythat'll work flawlessly in your vehicle. Replace your Hyundai Sonata car's existing Alternator right away otherwise, you will have to buy a new battery much sooner.

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