Is it time for you to replace your Hyundai alternator?  If you can't get your car to turn over, it just might be the alternator.  The alternator works by changing mechanical energy into electrical energy.  This electrical energy is responsible for powering many areas of your vehicle including its lights, ignition coils, and engine fans.  It also keeps the air conditioner running and the radio playing.  There are many reasons why an alternator goes bad.  Your alternator has four major functioning parts: the rotor, stator, voltage regulator, and diode packs.  Whenever one of these parts fails to work like it should, you will usually end up having to replace the entire alternator.  This is one part of your vehicle that cannot wait for replacement.  You're not going anywhere if your alternator isn't working.  In some instances, the alternator belt is the only thing broken on the alternator and once that is replaced with a new belt your vehicle will run again.